Monday, June 27, 2011


So recently you may have noticed my posts are a little less frequent.  Well, this week starts my vacation week with my kids and I am also tackling some home repairs and remodeling  We have already worked on the bathroom floor and now have beautiful hardwood floors in there.  I am so excited.  My fiancée did an amazing job for his first time.  I am so proud of it and him of course.  I would love to eventually do the whole house.  Maybe later...

Next I am planning on tackling my daughters room and trust me I am praying it goes quick and painless LOL.  You just have to see this room.  I am also working on my living room carpet and hoping that Spot Shot will help me work my magic and get it clean.  I am just anxiously waiting for my product to start so stay tuned for my review and also a giveaway from Spot Shot.  I am also currently fixing to start reviewing the PureAyre Pet product with my three indoor cats and see if it really gets my tough cats odors out.

So as you can see I have my hands full and on top of that I am planning a mini vacation for my family.  The first one ever so check back to see where we end up and to read all about.  Now would be the perfect time to sign up for my email subscription.  It is easy just enter your email in the box at the top of my page and you will not miss out on any of my hot reviews or giveaways..

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