Friday, June 10, 2011


Now as some of you may remember my dad loves NASCAR and also loves to work on cars.  When I was growing up he was chief mechanic on a dirt track car so we spent a lot of our time at the race track.  So needless to say I learned alot about cars and oil and such.  Now I am engaged to another car loving guy who would live in our garage if I would let him so he could constantly work on his trucks or something.  

So with that said it is no surprise I had heard of Royal Purple synthetic oil.  What I didn't know what that they offer a lot of gift products and I don't just mean oil and decals.  They have something for everyone at the online store  from clothing to office items like clocks and pens and even bar stools.  I was fortunate to get to review two of their products - Mechanics gloves and Multi-tool with flashlight.

First let me tell you about the Mechanic's gloves.

* Royal Purple Mechanic's gloves feature Amara washable synthetic leather for palm and finger material. Amara: 1) won't slip, even when wet, or 2) harden after drying and 3) is not affected by hydraulic fluids. 
* Top of gloves are made of two-way stretch spandex, padded for a snug yet flexible and comfortable fit. Reinforced thumb/index web area delivers increased wearlife. Cuffs are adjustable with elastic and hook and loop closure. 
* Features a full-color Royal Purple logo embroidery on the back-hand of each glove. 
* Sold in Pairs Available in M, L and XL.

My Thoughts:
I gave these gloves to my fiancée since he is constantly working on his trucks and he is a hard person to sell new products on.  He was so impressed with the padding on top of the glove and around his thumb the most.  He said it was the most he had seen in any Mechanic's glove he had used.  (He goes through a lot of them at times).  He said they fit great as well and was totally impressed with them.  His only complaint was that he didn't want to ruin them by getting oil all over them LOL

Next up is the Multi - Tool with flashlight.

* All stainless steel construction with a bright, white LED flashlight built into the handle. Closes to a compact 3" size. Features include:
* Needle nose pliers
* LED Flashlight
* Wire cutter
* Drop point knife
* Phillips head screwdriver
* Flat head screwdriver
* Bottle opener 

My Thoughts:

I was so impressed with this that I was so tempted to keep it for myself.  I really loved the LED flashlight on it since my multi-tool does not have one.  My fiancée was equally impressed and well, let's just say he guards it now so I can not get it LOL

The other great thing about Royal Purple is that their products are responsibly priced.  The multi- tool is under ten dollars and the gloves are under twenty dollars.  These products would be perfect for that car enthusiast guy in your life (or lady since they offer woman's apparel too).  I recommend heading over to Royal Purple store now and finding a great gift for dad.  He will be so pleased with the quality and you will be pleased with the price.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.* Serrated blade

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  1. Can you buy royal purple synthetic oil just at autozone or something? Also I found this link for a free t-shirt: Thanks for the post!