Monday, December 12, 2011


Now my daughters love baby dolls and they love stuffed animals so how great would it be to combine the two.  Well, Fiesta Toy has and the creation is called Blanket Babies.

Here is a little about them...

11" cuddly animal babies wrapped in their own cozy blankets. Habitat plush details decorate blanket's velcro closure.  They come in the following babies - unicorn, elephant, orca whale, monkey, puppy, frog, kitten, horse,black bear, raccoon, fox, wolf, orangutan, panda, polar bear, tiger, white tiger, teddy bear, giraffe, dolphin, moose, snowman, cow, twin lambs, pig, penguin,  sea turtle, koala, lamb, and duck.

I received two of them - one for each of my little girls - a Unicorn and an Elephant.

Now these are so stinking cute and they are so soft!  I mean I could not quite rubbing them.  These would make a great gift for a new baby as well as a little girl who loves babies.  I can not wait to see my little girls play with these.  I love these so much for them.  I love how they come with their own little blanket and that it velcros shut so they can not lose the blanket.  I plan to get them bottles to go with them as well.

Now these adorable babies can be purchased online at Fiesta Toys' store for only $15.00.  These will definitely be a little girl's new favorite toy this holiday season.  She will want to sleep with them for sure since they are so soft.  So go get one for the little girl in your life or baby in your life.  Also be sure to check out all the other wonderful products that Fiesta Toys have to offer.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  the above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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  1. These are very cute. Thanks for the review. I have never heard of them before. Rita Spratlen