Monday, December 26, 2011


Now I know I just told you about my belief in Christmas magic.  Well, this Christmas nearly convinced me to lose it all because of one event.

It started with me needing to grab a few last minute gifts so I headed out shopping with three kids in tow -  my son and youngest daughter and my oldest nephew.  I had left my oldest daughter at my sis's since we were getting her a new DS today.

First the day started out great I got a used DS for a really great price and all seemed to be off to a great start next I had to pick up the stuff to make my home made gumball machines.  ( These are super cute gifts and easy to make).  We headed to Michael's to grab the stuff and the cashier was exhausted you could tell and about to get off work.  M total came to $15  and I gave her a twenty.  I watched the cashier count out $15 which I thought was for her manager who was asking for money for change.  When she started to hand the money to me, I started to tell her that I should only get back five dollars but she realized her mistake before I could finish my sentence.

Next we decided to go to what possibly was my favorite store to shop at.  I needed to get me a sweater and a Leapster 2 game for my youngest daughter.  After picking up these items we headed to the check out.  I proceeded to text my fiancee and ask where he was to see if he could grab some wrapping paper and look for a movie for my dad.

Now here is where things get bad then worse.  I am almost certain I place my phone back in my pocket.  Still trying to remember if I laid it down but I just do not think I did.  I paid the quiet cashier who seemed almost scared of getting in trouble if she messed up and took my 3 kids to my car in the pouring down rain.  I mean it flooded the streets that night and by the way this was 2 days before Christmas Eve.

I get the kids loaded up and go to text my fiancee that I am leaving town and headed home when it hits me that I do not have my cell phone.  I freak and then think it must be at the register.  Now I just so happened to have  another phone on me and quickly rush back into the store.  I walk straight to the cashier assuming she will be holding my phone.  I ask her and she says I have not seen it.  I use the other cell and call it.  Then while looking around the cashier stands, I hear something - my ringtone.  My phone is ringing and ringing.  So I start calling it again and I hear it - I hear my ringtone (which is not a common one in fact my fiancee says he doubts anyone else has it).  Then the ringing stops and I can not hear it anymore.

I proceed to the customer service counter to get some help.  I ask the first lady if anyone turned in a phone and before I could finish my sentence she says no and walks off.  Then I decide to call my phone again this time it is answered and I proceed to tell them they have my phone then they hang up on me.  I then realized someone had my phone and was not going to give it back.

I go to the other customer service lady and tell her the whole story by then my phone had been answered two more times in the same fashion as before.  I ask for help or to have it announced over the intercom only to get told she can not do that.  All she can do is get my name so I say ok because it is all I can do cause they have done turned my phone off so there was no ringing or anything anymore.  The lady walks down the counter for what I thought was to get paper and pen but in reality it was to help the lady behind me with a return.  I yell a few things and storm out the store.  I call my fiancee and tell him the whole thing and tell him how I no longer believed in the Christmas magic.  I know it is silly that that caused it but this holiday has been trying to me for some reason and that was the last straw.

His mother and him are nearby and they stroll over to the store where I lost my phone thinking maybe the person or persons who had it laid it down.  I left, I had had enough plus the DS I bought earlier had to be returned a button did not work.  Luckily I was able to return it and get another one that works great so far.  Then it would seem that my bad luck would continue.  I broke a key off in a lock and fell in a puddle and I soaked my pants.  That is when I really had had it and decided I was going home and staying til the end of Christmas.

The next events still strike me as odd but my fiancee and his mom find my phone.  Some girls have it in the store.  I mean they snatch my phone and stay in the store,  why not leave with it.  Still puzzled.  They follow the girls bu before they can do anything about it , the girls dart out the store with my phone.   Now that could have been bad enough but they wanted to make it worse and they threw my phone into a puddle onto hard pavement thus breaking part of my phone.  A nice lady brought the phone back in to the store and supposedly security is looking into it still no word though so far so I have no hope in it.  My fiancee comes home to tell me the whole story and I cry while I stick my busted phone into a bag of rice hoping to get my pictures and such off of it and all my contacts.

I told him I had lost all hope in the "magic."  Then his mom and him I think decided to give it back to me.  They get me a better phone with a better package and all.  After a few days of thinking about the whole situation I realized God gave me back the Christmas magic by having them help me.  I always think it is funny how things work out and this was no different.  I can never repay my fiancee and his mom for what they did that day for me and they may never understand but they restored my belief in humanity and magic.  I thank God for that and for them.  Actually for all of the ones in my life right now.

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