Thursday, December 15, 2011



RC Head Banging Battle Balls compete in a new RC Clash with Head Shotz. When Heads collide, only one survives! The infra red remote puts you in control. Position the battle arms to protect the target. Now go head to head and disarm your opponents with power spins, head butts and knock outs. Knock off both targets, and it's game over, your opponent shuts down. Victory is yours! Twin Battle Pack includes everything you need for the ultimate battle.

I first saw this toy on Time to Play ( an awesome website that does toys, kids books, and video game reviews and offers giveaways. So go check it out).  I immediately knew my son would love this for Christmas.  He is a huge Robot lover and loves to battle so this combines both of those.  
Now simply put, you battle robots to the "death" so to speak.  You have battle arms that you get to place on the Head to protect it and so does your opponent.  You need to knock off the battle arms to get to the target to win.  Simple enough.  Now I have this wrapped up under my tree for my son to open Christmas morning and I know him and my fiancee will be ripping it open to "battle".  Just watch the video below.

These things are so cool for any robot lover (boy or girl).  They do offer for different types including elementals, creepies, fusion, and mechanoids to choose from.  
Hurry and grab a set for this Christmas cause this a sure to be a top seller this Holiday and to come.  You can purchase these online at Prices vary and start at $24.95 to $ 64.99 depending on which one you choose.  So hurry and get one today.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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