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Based on the 1938 book of the same name by Richard and Florence Atwater, Mr. Popper's Penguins is a comedy about how the surprise appearance of a penguin at a New York businessman's door turns his life completely upside down, while simultaneously teaching him an important lesson about the value of family. Far from the small-town painter featured in the book, the film's Mr. Popper is a real estate developer who lives in an exclusive apartment on Park Avenue, has his sights set on becoming a partner in his firm, and is an every-other-weekend father to his two children. A ruthless developer with no time for anything but business, Mr. Popper resolves to deal with his father's parting gift of a penguin by getting rid of the annoying bird as quickly as possible. That process proves much more difficult than expected, even with the help of his ultra-efficient assistant Pippi, who speaks primarily in p's, and Mr. Popper soon winds up with six penguins. Even more unexpected is how markedly those penguins begin to affect the relationship between Mr. Popper and his children and how that change affects the rest of Mr. Popper's life. Jim Carrey's performance as Mr. Popper is very good--he capitalizes on the many comic opportunities afforded by the idea of keeping penguins in a New York apartment while showing an uncharacteristic restraint that's quite refreshing. Ophelia Lovibond is quite comical as Pippi and Angela Lansbury also makes a strong appearance as one of Mr. Popper's potential business clients. As Pippi would say, the premise of the power of the penguin to promote personal prosperity and perpetuate personal peace positively prevails in Mr. Popper's Penguins.


Now first I have to admit that I am not always a Jim Carrey fan, but in this movie I was.  My whole family loved the movie and we all laughed together.  My daughters of course loved the penguins, but really how could you not.  Jim Carrey was his usual funny self but actually not too over the top like he can be.  We have watched this movie more than once.  My kids can not get enough of those penguins and well neither can I .  And unfortunately my fiancee already told us all we can not have penguins.  (We are still trying to persuade him otherwise).

The movie is out now and available where dvds are sold and online at Amazon.com for $ 16.99.  So go grab this movie for the family to laugh and enjoy together.  It is guaranteed to warm your heart during these cold months.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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