Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - MIRRORGEAR mirror covers review

My next product for my Holiday Gift Guide was geared towards my fiancee, but it is just not for guys.  Girls too can enjoy MIRRORGEAR.  Now I am sure some of you ae confused as to what MIRRORGEAR is so read below to find out about them.


MirrorGear™ is a removable decorative car mirror accessory that lets the enthusiast display their passions on their cars wherever they go.  MirrorGear’s™ patent-pending design fits sideview mirrors on most cars, trucks and SUVs–without obstructing either driver’s or passenger’s visibility.  Logos and designs are vividly showcased on machine-washable polyester/spandex material.  The Standard size fits most cars, light trucks and SUVs; the Large version is specifically designed for larger SUVs and pick-up trucks.  An over-sized design (MEGA!) fits the largest heavy-duty pick-up trucks.

Below are a few samples of the ones you can order from their website.


Peace N Love

Now I order the Mossy Oak mirror covers for my fiancee since he loves camo and loves to hunt.  They are shown below...

I simply love the idea and design of them.  I mean you can add a touch of your own personality to your car or truck or SUV by simply sliding these on.  How great is that!  Now the mirror covers are made from basically the same material as your bathing suit so they can get wet in the rain or sleet or even snow.  The only thing they warn you of is taking them through the car wash cause they could be damaged by the brushes or shampoos.  Other than that you can machine wash them if they get dirty on a delicate cycle then line dry.  Don't dry them in your dryer.

Now my fiancee has not gotten these yet.  They are already wrapped under the tree for him for Christmas morning.  I know he will love them.  I am even considering a pair for my self.

Now you can purchase these online at their store for $14.99 a pair.  Yeah that is right they come in pairs.  They have several designs and are sure to have one for everyone.  They even have a soccer one for you other soccer moms out there.  So hurry and get some for the loved ones in your life.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.  

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