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Despite its small size, the Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX car is powerful, aerodynamic, and packed with features. At 2.4 GHz, this RC car can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. Recommended for kids 12 years and older, this car features a flexible roll bar that will turn the car right-side up if it flips. The car's controller runs on a multiband frequency that allows kids to run up to 10 cars at once for lots of racing action.
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Hyperactives RC
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Requires: 6 AA batteries; Phillips screwdriver
At a Glance:
  • 2.4 GHz car reaches speeds of 20 mph
  • Roll bar flips the car upright for continuous driving
  • Multiband frequency allows kids to operate up to 10 cars at once
  • Auto-pairing automatically connects the car and controller
  • Battery-powered controller charges your car without needing an outlet. This RC car, with 2.4 GHz performance, can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. This is approximately 500 miles per hour in scaled speed. With this amount of speed, the car can really catch air off jumps. Suspension halfway along the car allows it to conquer small obstacles, although running over anything bigger than an electrical cord is challenging due to its size.
A flexible roll bar turns the car upright if it flips. Constructed of clear plastic, the roll bar is flexible enough to give way during impact and toss the car back onto its wheels, yet resilient enough that it won't easily tear. The roll bar also contributes to the aerodynamics of the car, as it encounters jumps and races along the ground.
Auto-Pairing, Wide-Range Controller
The pistol-grip double-handed controller automatically connects to the car when it is switched on, so there is no need to fiddle with frequencies. Because the controller has a multiband frequency, kids can race up to 10 cars at once without interfering signals.
The controller also features a wide 100-foot range, so you can drive the car without having to chase it to stay in range.
Full Control of Speed and Direction
The driving difficulty level of this RC car is rated as expert and designed to give you full control over the motion of the vehicle. With a slow and fast mode, forward and backward lever, three-point turning control, and trim control button, the controller offers quick and accurate direction of the car.
The controller's side knob turns to three points, allowing you to send the car left, right, and straight. The forward and backward lever is sensitive enough to give you control over your car's speed during turns.
Charges on the Go
The controller takes six AA batteries (not included) and plugs into the RC car to charge. While the instructions estimate 30 to 50 minutes to charge the car, our testers found that once charging began, the process was much quicker. To preserve battery life, your controller will turn off after five minutes of disuse.
Comes with Indoor and Outdoor Tires
This RC car is an all-terrain vehicle, thanks to the two sets of tires. The foam indoor tires drive well on carpeted surfaces, and the rubber tires take on outdoor or smooth surfaces with ease thanks to their added traction. The tires are easy to change out: Simply slide them off the wheel, and replace them with their matching counterpart.
What's in the Box
Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX car, four rubber tires, four foam tires, one pistol grip remote, and instruction manual.

This is one sweet remote control car.  I mean I love the fact that it comes with 2 sets of tires so you can go indoor or outdoor.  I also love the fact that the remote control reaches for like 100 yards so no running with the car to make sure you can still control it.  I also love the speed of it.  I mean I have never had one go so fast so I was immediately impressed with that ( plus I like to drive fast lol).  
This would be the perfect gift for any fan of a remote controlled car ( old or young).  They are currently available in stores nationwide and online at at certain sites like fro $ 39.99.  So hurry and grab yourself one or that RC lover in your family.  Shoot, go ahead and buy two and race.
* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.


  1. I have 5 kids on my list that would love one of these! My husband would even love it!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful toy! Thanks for the great review. Rita Spratlen