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It's Alexis' birthday! And what better way to celebrate than a girls' day at the Tranquility Spa! What kind of rocker would Daniela be without an edgy new vibe Chic streaks and dramatic looks are just a couple ways to rock a great style!

It's time to kick up the volume as she has her hair and makeup transformed during the perfect Spa Day!

Introducing the sensational world of Liv dolls! Real girls. Real life. Join Katie, Daniela, Sophie and Alexis on their teen adventures in fun and fashion! Each girl has a unique personality and comes with a code that allows you to enter the Liv world on line, where there's even more fun with your new BFFs! Outrageous makeovers, talking about boys, getting dolled up at the boutique or just chillin' and laughing with your girls, you'll never get bored in Liv world! Liv in our world! The Liv girls are real teenage girls with trend-setting styles and cool features like easy to change wigs, 14 points of articulation so you can create lots of great poses, and real glass-like eyes that add to their amazing look! 


My daughters love Barbie dolls like I did when I was a kid.  Now a days though they are so amny to choose from.  I like LIV dolls a lot for a couple of reasons like they can change their hair.  That is just so awesome to me.  When we were growing up if you wanted to change your doll's hair you had to either put it up or down or cut it ( which made momma mad).  Also they can move more than a lot of other dolls.  I love that so that my daughters can do more with them than others.  Now to the LIV Spa Doll collection.

We recevied Daniela in her trendy blue outfit with blue robe.  First I love the robe and outfit.  The really cool thing about this doll is that you can streak her hair and put on her make up.  My daughter has never had a doll like this so I know for her birthday this will be a huge hit.  I like that it come with a little bottle to hold the water which helps prevent less mess.

You can purchase this doll and others of the collection at mass retailers that sell dolls and online at  for $ 25.99.  I did see it cheaper at Toys 'R Us but they are sold out online of Daniela.  Not sure of the others.  

Hurry and get you one before they are gone.  Also there is a Spa Sweepstakes going on right now at LIV here.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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