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Imagination Quelf Board Game, it’s as simple as rolling the dice, moving your chosen character piece, and following the instructions on the corresponding card, or pay the penalty by moving back spaces. If it’s a Roolz card, you may have to “Lick your teeth and say ‘Willy Wonka has arrived.” every time you draw a card for the whole game. Or answer a trivia question from a Quizzle card; laugh yourself silly following the Stunz and Showbiz instruction cards (can you drink a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass?); or force an All Play with your own choice of question in Scatterbrainz. If you’re the first player to the board’s finish space and can give two answers to the fi nal Scatterbrainz question, the game is yours., recommended 12 and up , 3 to 8 players

Product Description

Quelf is easy to play. Just pick a character, roll the dice, and move your character around the board. As you land on a space, pick up a corresponding color card and let the fun begin! Cards will instruct you do crazy tasks. Complete the tasks and move on. As the game progresses, insanity will ensue and when the dust settles, one player will emerge victorious. Allows for 3-8 Players! Game includes: * 440 cards * Game Board * Paper Pad and Player Guide * Dice and Timer * 8 Character Pieces 

Now this is one of those games that will cause you to lose your breath from laughing so hard.  I simply can not wait til all my kids are old enough to play this game together.  I am hoping to whip this bad boy out for the holiday festivities.  It is sure to be a blast.  I am really anxious to see who can win and also who can keep from dying laughing the longest.  
This would be a great game for family get togethers and for families with teens to enjoy with their parents.  The game is currently sold at mass retailers where games are sold and online at for $ 49.99.  So go get your family a copy today and let the laughter begin!

* I received the above product solely for review purposes. The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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  1. I was hoping you had a giveaway for's hard to find and looks like alot of fun. My daughter is of age now and games like this with her are so much fun!