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Logo is the game that puts your consumer knowledge to the test! Show off your knowledge of popular brands in this hilarious family game of pop-culture. The first person to make it into the winners circle and answer all the questions correctly wins!

Family-Friendly Game Tests Your Knowledge of Popular Brands
The board game comes with 400 cards, each featuring multiple questions or a single image. The cards range in type from pictures to themes and pot luck, and feature categories such as generic names that were once brands and celebrity endorsers. And since almost everyone is exposed to consumer advertising, the entire family, young and old, can participate in the fun.
A Game with a Simple Concept
Playing Logo is easy. The question master draws the first card from the box and asks the first (purple) question to the player on his or her left. If the player answers correctly, that player moves his or her game piece to the first purple space on the board.
The same steps are repeated for each color-coded question answered correctly. Questions become more challenging as the question master moves down the list on the card. And when a question is answered incorrectly, the next player has the opportunity to answer the same question.
This board game comes with everything you'll need to play. Groups of two to six players can play individually or in teams, asking and answering questions about popular products, symbols, and slogans without any complicated setup or rules.
Move Into the Winning Zone
When a player correctly answers a question near the winning zone and there are no spaces left on the path that match the question's color, the player moves into the winning zone. Once a player has entered the winning zone, on their turn they must correctly answer either two consecutive questions or a red question to win.
Nostalgic Fun Offers Wide Appeal
This board game not only tests your knowledge of contemporary brands, but also revisits products and advertisements long since vanished. Older adults will appreciate the nostalgic jingles and slogans, while younger people will enjoy the questions pertaining to contemporary companies and retailers.
What's in the Box
Logo game board, 400 question cards, 6 game pieces, and instructions.


Now as you may can tell I am a huge board game lover and The LOGO board game is now one of my favorites.  MY fiancee and I played several rounds of it and well I won them all.  My fiancee claims it is because I watch more tv and such then him and he is probably right.  Plus I like to know trivia facts and such.  Now do not get me wrong he knew a lot of answers too.  Some of the questions are really easy and some I want to know who would know the answer but is that not the beauty of a trivia game.  I would really like to bring this game out for Holiday game fun since I think more players equals more fun.

Now the game can go quick or long depending on how much trivia knowledge the players have.  If you love trivia games, then this one should be added to your collection.  The game is currently available at mass retailers where games are sold and online at Amazon.con for $ 24.99.  So hurry and get the LOGO game for your family or for that loved one who seems to thrive on knowing random trivia.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun and this is the best part of the game. Winning too of course. Thanks for the review. I am going to be up on the latest games!!! Rita Spratlen