Thursday, December 29, 2011


WOMAN OF HOPE AND PRAYER is now on GOOGLE+.  I know I am a little behind on it but I finally had some extra time and got myself added to it so if you do not mind please add my page to your circles  ( you can find the button on the right side with my others) .  Also please comment below and let me know for the coming year if there are any suggestions or anything you would like to address to me.  I am quickly coming up on my one year anniversary and am hoping to have a big giveaway for it - HOPEFULLY!  I want to thank you all for making my first year so pleasant and successful and here is hoping for the next to be even better.


  1. I added you to my circles,and am now following you on Google +
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!
    I think this is a Wonderful Blog & enjoy every minute I spend here.
    Wow a Year! Congrats Again!

  2. I am on google plus, but haven't added a button to my blog yet. I need to figure it out more.