Monday, April 4, 2011


So I know I posted Friday how I wanted to have a spa day this past weekend, well that didn't happen.  Turns out my fiancée was too busy to watch the girls and honestly I was too busy too.  So yet another spa day will have to be postponed for yet another weekend that will probably never come.  How many of you moms plan something for just yourself and see it never happen?  And even worse how many of you do not take the time to even try?

I find myself all the time telling myself and usually my fiancée all these plans I have for myself only to never pursue them.  It is a sad process.  I am a firm believer that moms need "me" time just like everyone else.  Most times I think we need it more.  And yet we are usually the last ones to get or even take it when given the opportunity.

Well, after this weekend I decided I would try to do something each day for myself.  You know something that just benefits me or that just I enjoy.  Now my question is moms would you join me in this?  And my other question is what would you do just for you?  I am curious to see what you say and also looking for some ideas to go along with my own.

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