Monday, April 11, 2011


I have another wonderful Easter Idea for Parents.  This one is a little different though.  Instead of using this item to stuff an Easter basket, you can use it to be the "Easter basket".  This would be especially great to me for little kids who still can't hunts eggs or any kids really.  This wonderful product is the Pilloroo (love that cute name!)

Now I am sure that some of you are wondering what is a Pilloroo.  Well,  it is like a kangaroo.  No, it does not bounce or hop, but that would be kinda hard to sleep on huh?  Like a kangaroo though it has a pouch that you can store precious items in.(Much like a mommy kangaroo does with her baby).  Also the fun doesn't stop there.  The pilloroo comes with a surprise inside the pocket to coordinate with the pillow itself usually a stuff animal or a pack of little figurines for most of the boy pilloroos.

Now how cute would it be to sotre all your kids Easter stuffers inside the pillow.  You could surprise them and see how long before they realize something is inside their pillow lol.

Now the wonderful lady (Vicky) behind these adorable and fun pilloroos is a pleasure to do business with.  I mean an absolute joy.  I loved working with her.  First she graciously sent me one pilloroo to review and also went above and beyond and offered me a deal so my other two children could have one too.  Not only that she currently offers a pilloroo online that is sent to a child located at Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, California.  

The center is for families that have had to deal with Domestic violence.  This act of kindness just shows you how wonderful this lady is.  You can donate $15 for a kid at Marjaree Mason Center to receive a pilloroo to help brighten their day.

Here are the pilloroos I received and purchased...

(left to right)
Monkey Gone Bananas, Dinosaurs, and Fairy Friends

I wanted to try to get more close up pics for you so here is the best my camera would do...

 Monkey Gone Bananas came with a stuffed monkey.

 Fairy Friends came with a ballerina bear.
Dinosaur  came with a pack of dinosaurs.

When I received them I was so pleased at how cute the fabric was and noticed they were well made but I expected that.  What I didn't expect was how much room was in the pockets.  I expected a little bitty pocket just big enough for the surprise but that was not the case.  Here are some pictures where I tried to show how deep the pocket really is...

This is the monkey stuffed inside with plenty of room left in it.

I know my pictures do not do it justice but basically the pocket is almost the same size as the pilloroo if not the same size.  Now I bet some of you are wondering if they are comfortable.  Well actually they are extremely plump pillows too.  Now I let my kids see them but didn't let them have them yet because well they are their Easter baskets at least at home.  My kids loved them and went crazy for them.  My son suggested putting his DS in his so his sisters wouldn't keep getting it.  

Now this would be great for a girl to hide a diary in or for a boy to hide those prize cards in.  You can currently purchase pilloroos online at their website and at this list of retailers.  They are priced at $24.95 each which is well worth it.  Also they have a link to sign up for their newsletter to receive updates and promotions so head over now and sign up.

* I received the above product and a discounted price on others for my review.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

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