Friday, April 1, 2011


So the other day I had this huge light bulb go off about what I should do this weekend.  I mean of course besides the norm like try to get the house back under control, catch up on some reading, and such.  I have decided that if it is pretty this weekend at least for part of one day.  I am going to have a spa day at home.  Thanks to my recent success with coupons I have most of the stuff to do one with.  I am planning on a relaxing bubble bath and facial and pedicure and hopefully I can talk my fiancée into a manicure.  And I am finally gong to use my sunless tanning stuff I have had for awhile.  I think  my spa day is long overdue and I will take it anyway I can even if it is my small little bathroom.  Maybe my kids will understand "mommy time".  A mom can only wish! So my question readers is : Will you join me in a spa day this weekend?  If so what are your tips or ideas?  So to all my fellow moms remember this weekend to take a little you time.

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