Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My next Mother's Day gift idea is for moms of younger kids (meaning they still need to be at home and dependent on mom).  It is a product that will really be great for stay at home moms or homeschooling moms of younger kids but it can be for moms of all ages as well.  It is the BeanStalk Express Snack Time Survival Kit.

The Snack Time Survival Kit is made of wood and has four clocks.  The largest clock is the main clock and tells parents and children what time it is.  The three smaller clocks that each have a hook hanging below them are to be set to show snack times for the kids.  The kit comes with 33 snack cards that have pictures of healthy delicious snacks on one side and important tips and information on the back side.  (Now I had wanted to include pics of the cards but my camera decided to die and I have not had a chance to get more batteries yet).

Now how it works is quite simple.  At the beginning of each day mom  or dad will pik out 4-6 cards with snack items that are in the house and then the kids get to pick what 3 snacks they want today.  The parents then set the times on the clocks and place one snack card on each hook under the clocks.  Now parents and kids work together to keep up with the snack schedule.  When it is time mom removes the card and serves the snack.

Now I have two smaller children who are not completely able to tell time yet so I was worried how this would work for them.  I quickly explained how it worked and after a few days of the routine they finally seemed to get it.  They are smart cookies and were matching the little clocks to the big clock.  At which point I would tell them the time so they could connect the time with the clock and give them their snack.  I love the Snack Time Survival Kit and recommend ti to all moms.  I think it would be absolutely wonderful for moms who homeschool.  It has helped my kids and I have a better schedule and I also love the fact that it helps with them not over snacking.  I have also been using it to help me stay on course with my own snacking.

The Bean Stalk Snack Time Survival Kit can be purchased online.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.

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