Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I realize late last night that I never posted my Work out Wednesday Report.  I know I am a day late now, but better late than never huh?!  Of course I am sure all those other mom bloggers can totally understand.  Some days it is so hectic in my household and others are not.  Well, actually almost every day is hectic in my household especially since only one of my three kids is in school right now and the other two are home all day with me.  But I would n't have it any other way.  So my first question is ladies how do you do?  I have to maintain the household plus do lessons with my youngest two plus cook plus I am trying to fit a workout routine in plus the kids extra activities and stuff plus couponing (lol) plus blogging and bout a hundred other things I am sure I left out. So I would love for some ladies to tell me how to fit it all into 24 hours.  Well, today I am gong to be posting my Wednesday report later and also kinda doing a little different spin and including things to help all around.  Cause it is all fine if you improve your weight and body but you also need to improve the whole package too.  So please be patient and check back with me later.  Also today and tomorrow I am posting up Easter Basket Stuffers ideas so check back for those too.

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