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As you all know I am a huge supporter of Family Game Night and firm believer that every family should be doing this.  Now I have three kids and there is a little difference in age from my oldest to my middle and youngest ( almost 5 years between oldest and middle) so finding a game that they all will enjoy is hard.  But Hasbro has done just that for me with Play-Doh's Smashed Potatoes game.

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game: Uh oh! Your little spud pals are in big trouble - they're in the kitchen and they could be made into "food"! Mold potato pal pawns out of PLAY-DOH modeling compound and then use the spinner to move them across the board. But be careful of where you land, or else your spud buddy could get snipped, sliced, pressed into "fries" or cranked into "chips!" Help your pal get out of the kitchen and back to the farm first and you're the winner!

The Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game includes:
  • Gameboard
  • 4 Two-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound
  • Spinner(with plastic arrow and arrow base)
  • 8 Mash Machine parts
  • 2 Potato molds
  • 2 Gameboard pegsInstructions
My kids were super excited when this game came in the mail, begging to play it right then before dinner.  I had to sternly calm them down and make them wait til after dinner.  Now at first I was worried about playing this game since play-doh is involved and well, my kids are not careful with it by any means.  ( And I really didn't want it in my living room carpet).  But it was not messy to make the little potatoes.  And as long as your kids do not smash the play-doh n the carpet you should not have any clean up.  

First thing you have to do is make the little guys with the help of Mr. and Mrs. PotatoHead.

Here is your final products in each color:

You can not tell but they all have cute little faces on them.  My kids loved making these and laughed at their little faces.  After this or before you will need to set up the game board (My kids made the little potatoes while I set up).

This is very simple to do and takes just a minute.  I was done before the kids were.

Now for the fun part - getting to play the game...

At the starting line...

Now you need to try to safely escape the kitchen to freedom.  You can land in the various machines and be okay as long as another player does not spin this...

Oh no!  Here's hoping you are not in a machine!

No the first machine to avoid is the scissors.
My oldest daughter cutting up my youngest daughter's potato.

Next is the fry machine (this one caught my youngest daughter like five times in one game).

My oldest daughter again now french frying my youngest daughter's.

The next obstacle is the potato chipper.

Yep, that's my little potato getting potato chipped!

And the final obstacle is the knife!

My oldest daughter strikes again.  This time she got her brother.

Now each time your poor little potato has to be remade you have to start over from the beginning.   Now my oldest daughter was smashing our potatoes left and right but my son got a couple lucky spins and ended up winning by one space...

My family and I usually play this game several times in a row when we get it out.  It is the perfect game for families where there are young kids and older kids cause all kids love play-doh and love destroying play-doh even more.  I love this game and it has become one of my favorite new games.  It is a great family game but it is also easy enough for the kids to play among themselves.  This game is a perfect addition to your Family Game Night games.  

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes can be purchased at most major retailers (like WalMart, Toys 'R Us, and Target) that sell board games, and  Target currently has the game on sale for $16.99 but it typically is around $19.99.  Habro currently has a coupon for $3.00 off the game at  Play along with some other really good coupons too.  So hurry and get over there and print tehm before they are gone.  Then go buy Smashed Potatoes.  Then after you buy the game don't forget that right now Hasbro is offering a Free Tombstone Pizza coupon with receipt and request form now until April 30th.  This deal can not get any better $3.00 off a great game and a coupon good for a free pizza.  What are you waiting for print out your coupon and get your game before Easter so you can put this with their basket or maybe do a family basket this year with this in it and some snacks for a Family Game Night!.

* I received the above mentioned game solely for the purpose of my review.  The above opinion is completely my own and is completely honest.

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