Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Now my latest gift idea for Mother's Day is for the mom who loves soft drinks and also loves to help the planet. Sounds like a strange combination huh?  But my latest gift idea can help Mom with both.  It is the SodaStream...

Now some of you may be asking what is Sodastream.  Well, Sodastream is a home soda maker that uses soda mixes, cold water, and carbonators to make home soda.  Now Sodastream has several different sized and style machines available for different budgets.


They also have a machine called the Fountain Jet available which is the machine that I was sent to review.

Now I am a huge soft drink lover and usually drink it every day so to say I was excited about this review was a huge understatement.  As soon as my package arrived I riped open the box and was so pleasantly surprised.  Sodastream had sent me the Fountain Jet machine with one carbonator and several soda mixes including root beer, cola free (think coca-cola free), ginger ale, and energy drink (think red bull) just to name a few. I immediately of course felt the need to make some soda.

Now set up on this machine is easy just remove the back cover and screw in the carbonator into the back of the machine. Replace back cover and fill the 1 liter bottle with COLD water. ( I emphasis cold because they tell you not to use warm or hot water when making it.)  Now you screw the bottle into the machine and press down on the button on the top of machine to add the carbontaion to the water.  It takes 3 pushes until you hear a buzzing like sound then yu remove the bottle and add typically a capful amount of the soda mix.  Be sure to slowly pour the soda mix into the water.  ( First time I didn't and had a huge mess to clean up).  Replace lid and slowly mix the mix with carbonated water.  Remove cap and enjoy.  Now that is as easy as it gets.

Now I told you earlier that this product helps the planet and I was not lying.  First you don't have all those plastic bottles or cans to deal with anymore so less trash and recycling.  Also it saves room in your house and money.  Each bottle of soda mix can make the equivalent of 33 cans of soda.

Wait I have another great feature to tel you about with Sodastream.  It has less sugar, carbs, calories, sodium, and caffeine than the regular brands of soda.  You can compare the amounts on their nutrition page.  I loved this since I am currently trying to lose those last pounds.  I also loved it because occasionally reward my kids with a Sprite and now it is even better ad easier to do that with this machine.

Okay now I know you are all dying to know how does it taste.  Well, honestly I am very picky with my soda and I have to admit I enjoyed my Sodastream soda. I especially think the Energy drink tastes like Red Bull. I am really interested in trying the LemonLime soda mix instead of the Diet which was one of the ones I received and compare it to my regular Sprite.  I have never been a fan of Diet Sodas.  

I recommend Sodastream to anyone who loves soda and wants to help out the planet or needs to cut back on carbs or sugar.  This is definitely a great gift for Mom.  You can buy Sodastream machines and supplies online at their website or at select locations.  You can check for here for locations.

* I received the above mentioned products strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

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