Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I am constantly looking for things that can help simplify my family's life whether it be all of ours or just one or two of ours.  I recently saw this amazing product in a truck magazine and just knew my fiancée could definitely use it.  It is the wonderful Form-A-Funnel.

This product is made by New Pig and can be shaped into tons of positions and shapes.  Check out this video from their website...

Now this product is guaranteed by New Pig for life.  If yo are ever not satisfied you can simply send it back for a complete refund including return freight.  How great is that!  Also the product can be used in extreme temperatures from -30 degrees to 425 degrees.  Also it can be used with tons of products from oil to brake flui and even battery acid.  Clean up is easy to according to them just wipe off.

Now the wonderful people at New Pig sent my fiancée one to try out.  This is wonderful for my fiancée since he changes all the oil in our vehicles and most of his families.  He also works on vehicles in his spare time so this product sounded perfect for him.  Now I had thought when he got it I could get an oil change out of the deal but that still has not happened.  Partly cause it is not time yet and the other part because I can not seem to fit it into his schedule.  Now he had used the funnel several times before I could finally capture it on film but finally I did.  Here are some pics from him using it...

He is putting hydraulic fluid into his tractor.  

Now the moment of truth did it work.  Okay at first we did have a small leak on the side but soon discovered we didn't have it completely bent right and once we fixed this little problem by bending it just a hair more we had no problem at all.  So yes, the Form-A-Funnel works perfectly and clean up was easy just wipe out.  My fiancée loves this product and uses it constantly..  I was so impressed with this product and am considering getting my dad one since this would be extremely helpful to him.  This would be an awesome Father's Day gift.  Definitely a must have product for any man or woman who works on cars regularly or ladies get it for your husband to encourage him to change your oil!!!!

Form-A-Funnel can be found at these retailers and online at New Pig for $24.95.  Also right now they are currently offering a $2.00 mail-in rebate making this deal even better.  So hurry before that rebate deal ends June 1,2011.

* I received teh above product solely for the purpose of my review.  This opinion is completely my own and is completely honest.

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