Friday, April 29, 2011


Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in a day or two.  Well, simply that's because I live in the South and we recently had over 160 tornadoes visit the South.  I was one of the lucky ones and only lost power and some tree limbs and shingles.  The neighborhood I grew up in was not quite as fortunate with schools, businesses, and homes in ruins or in serious need of work.  Not to mention that surrounding states experienced the same or worse as my small hometown did.  I have weeped over the destruction and the losses.  I will be offering my time and help to my community the next coming days so my blog will be alittle quiet for a day or two.  I have to be there for my community in their time of need as I know they would be for me if I was in need.  I am thankful to God that it was not worse and hopeful that the road to build the towns back up will be quick (although I know alot will not be) and my prayers go out to every Southerner who loss something especially those who lost friends and loved ones!  I can not begin to say I am sorry!

On one note though I would like to commend the workers and communities who have banned together to search and rescue and to just help in general those in need.  Moments like this remind me why I am proud to be from a small country town filled with people with enormous hearts!  Thank you all for reminding the world that the South is a wonderful place to live.  Also to my friends (we are relatively young in age and alot of us are struggling in the economy ) who have truly risen above and beyond to help our communities.  Makes me so proud to know each and everyone of you!  May God Bless You all!

Now my family and I are on our way to donate supplies to those in need.  I recommend those that can do the same do it.  And if you can not then say a prayer for those who need it!  Because by the grace of God we will all rise up through the rubble and become stronger and rebuild our communities!

Prayers to everyone!

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