Sunday, April 3, 2011


Now as a mother of two little girls with long hair, I am constantly trying to find ways to keep it out of their face.  During one of my many nights of searching Etsy I discovered a wonderful shop with tons of head bands and other hair accessories. Creations by Crazyartdolls .  Now this site has some amazingly beautiful hair accessories like these for example...

There are also a few jewelry pieces ike this.

Now the amazingly talented lady from Crazyartdolls graciously agreed to send me two head bands for me and my two daughters to review.  The first one was not hard at all for me to choose.

It has cherry blossoms on it and we all know I love them!

Now the second one I thought about my daughters.  So I chose one that would work with all their clothes.

A cute Rainbow one to match all their outfits.

Now I tried to take my own pics but for some reason my camera and I were having a bad day and none of them came out good.  Here is the best one.

Now these head bands are beautifully crafted and I wore one all day and it didn't hurt my head. Which is a huge plus to me since a lot of them will hurt my head.  Also after several wears they is no sign of fraying or wear and tear which is great for two little girls wearing them.    This would be the perfect accessory for any little girl and head bands start at $4.00 which is great for the quality you get.  Also the other items in her shop vary in price from $4.00 up to $30.00.  Take a look at a wonderful little gem of a shop on Etsy and get your self some nice hair accessories.  

* I received the above items solely for the purpose of my review.  My opinion is completely honest and is completely my own.

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