Monday, April 25, 2011

MOTHER'S DAY GIFT #3 - Jerdon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-fold Lighted Mirror Review

My next Mother's Day gift idea is a gift for the mom (or woman since you don't have to be a mom to use it) who likes to look good. It is the Jerdon Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror.

This mirror is for  the woman who likes to really see what she is doing when putting on her makeup or tweezing her eyebrows or just bout anything else.  This mirror has everything including an additional outlet for styling products like curling iron or straightener.  It also has two side mirrors along with a big middle mirror that you can flip over to reveal a 5X magnifying mirror so you can REALLY see what you are doing.  It also has two glare-free fluorescent light bulbs with four settings (day, office, evening, and home).  The deluxe mirror also has an adjusted back stand so you can adjust its height to fit your needs.  

I was lucky enough to receive the above mirror to review for my blog.  First I have to say I have never had a lighted makeup mirror or one with side mirrors so I was really excited to review this mirror.  First having side mirrors is definitely a great thing to have.  I loved having them so I could use them to check every possible angle of my face.  I also loved the fact that it is lighted and has several lighting settings although I have really only used the day setting since I usually put my make up on first thing in the morning.  I like having the option to adjust the lighting if I need to and I find the bulbs to be plenty of light for me to put my makeup or facial products on with.  I also really love the magnified mirror so that I can tweeze my eyebrows.  This feature alone is worth buying the mirror!  I also love the fact that it is easy to fold up and store since I am currently working  on a place in my bedroom for my personal vanity to go and don't have a set place to live the mirror put up at.  I can just take it down if I need to and store it til the next day I need it.

I would definitely recommend this mirror for every woman who has to put on make up or who needs a great mirror.  It would definitely be perfect for a Mother's Day gift or birthday gift.  You can currently find them online at for $27.00.  

*I received the above product strictly for the purpose of my review.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.

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