Thursday, April 7, 2011


Okay recently I told you that my scale died of natural causes, not because of anything I did.  It was an old scale. We are talking like it was a gift from a friend who had it gifted to them from another friend .  So it had a good life  (well, as good as life can get for a scale).  So I have been researching bathroom scales and trust me I hate doing this.  I used to be that woman who refused to weigh herself (and still am to a point).  I do not care so much about the number but about how I think I look and feel.  But I wanted to actually have a scale to track my weight and see if I was really doing good or not.  Sometimes scales can give you the heads up before your pants do!  SO I found one I am interested in.  It is the Weight Watchers WW43 Round Glass Digital Bathroom Scale.
Now I really like this one and according to all the reviews I have read so do most people.  Now here is my next problem...Cost!  I have found this scale for about $30 but that's a lot of money to me for something that has the potential to ruin my day or week.  I was hoping to find a quality one for under $20 and have not found one I like.    So again I reach out  and ask what's a good scale for a woman who refuses to spend a lot on a product that can shatter her dreams?!

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