Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SQUINKIES VIDEO GAME for Nintendo DS review

How many of you have a little girl in you life who recently went crazy of the new "BIG" sensation Squinkies?            

Now these little fellows themselves would make a great addition to an Easter basket especially since they take up little space.  ( My daughters will be receiving some this year)!  But I have something else to recommend putting with them in that Easter Basket, the NEW Squinkies Nintendo DS game.  Yes, released today is a NEW game for the DS featuring these adorable little Squinkies.

    Play as the Squinkies Princess as you search for your lovable Squinkies friends that have become lost. Your goal is to find and free the Squinkies as you complete fun challenges throughout your adventures!
    • Squishy, squooshy, squashy Squinkies COME TO LIFE!

    • Finish FUN and ENGAGING mini-games in order to FREE THE SQUiNKiES!

    • COLLECT over 250 cute and lovable Squinkies - explore the winding paths of the forest in search of Squinkies, but you'll have to hurry or else you'll lose their trail!

    • Display them all - view them in your customizable BUBBLE BANK!

    • Acquire more Squinkies from the Gumball Playhouse with MAGIC COINS!

The game gives the kids tons of opportunities to see the many Squinkies there are.  Here is the official trailer for the game...

 The game look so cute and also if you buy the Collector's edition you score 4 rare Squinkies to add to your little girl's collection so it's like two gifts in one.  This is definitely a game to hurry and get for the Squinkies fan in your life.  They are releaased today and available at most retailers that sell video games and online at sites like Amazon.com.  Their suggested retail price is $29.99.

You can currently go check out screen shots and get more info at the game's official website and you can check out the rare Squinkies that come with the game on their facebook page.

So hurry and get this game before the collector's copies run out.

* The above post is completely honest and is my own opinion.  I will receive a review copy of the above game.

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