Sunday, May 29, 2011


Now I am the proud mom of a toddler who can for the most part use a cup fairly easy but she still makes mistakes which is why she still has a sippy cup.  Now my toddler daughter thinks she is such a big girl that sometimes she gives me grief about having to drink out of a sippy cup since her brother and sister get big kid cups.  I recently heard of a new product from Born Free that I thought my daughter would love.

Now Born Free is a company that specializes in baby bottles  and pacifiers and such,  they have products that grow with your child. Which means they also have a toddler cup line which features the Twist 'N Pop Cup.

It is the pink cup in the middle.  It is a 14 fl oz toddler cup that has a twist straw mouth with a pop-up soft silicone straw that keeps the straw clean and reduces spills. The cup has removable parts for easy clean up and an ergonomic design making it easy for a child to grip and hold.

Now I loved this cup for several reasons.  First it helps my daughter master the art of a straw and also does not encourage teeth issues like using other sippy cups can.  Also I like the fact that the whole cup can be taken apart for cleaning.  This has been one of my biggest issues with sippy cups.  Also I love the fact that my daughter loves it and refuses to drink out of a little girl cup anymore and she thinks she is big stuff with this cup.

The cups are available at most mass retailers like Wal Mart and Target.  The cup is available in four colors - .blue, green, yellow, and pink for a suggested price of $7.99.  This is the perfect cup to teach a kid to master the straw and the perfect toddler cup.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest ans completely my own.

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