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THE GLADES SEASON 1 ON DVD - refresher guide and review

The Glade’s Refresher’s Guide
With the release of the Complete First Season out June 14th, we thought we’d give you a little recap of some of the character back-stories and our favorite moments you can look forward to viewing from the comfort of your couch just in case you missed it!  Wade through creeks, avoid alligators and get ready to crack some cases and ‘seek some justice’ during these warm summer nights spent at home.
Cool Characters You Can Look Forward To Getting Know

(Matt Passmore) is an attractive, brilliant, yet hard-to-get-along-with homicide detective from Chicago who is forced into exile after being wrongfully accused of sleeping with his former captain's wife. Using the payout he received from the Chicago PD, Longworth searches for the simple life and moves to the sleepy resort town of Palm Glade, Florida, joining the local bureau of the state police figuring it'll be an easy piece of time. Longworth prefers to work his cases alone when possible, and sharing his theories with other detectives or departments only serves to annoy him. But despite his cocky, annoying self-confidence, people put up with him because he's a little too charming to ignore, and damned good at solving murders.
(Kiele Sanchez) is a tough nut to crack. She's a pretty, quick-witted driven woman who leads a very complicated life. She is working as a nurse while attending medical school and is completely devoted to her studying and to her 12-year-old son, Jeff, who she's been raising alone since her husband Ray was sent to prison. She's amused and annoyed by Longworth's pursuit of her, but is also intrigued by him and maybe interested in a relationship, despite her general dislike of cops.
Jeff Cargill (Uriah Shelton) is Callie's son, a good looking, smart twelve year-old who struggles to reconcile his parents' odd and up-for-grabs marital status. With his father in prison, Jeff constantly tests his boundaries with his mother. He could definitely use a father figure in his life, and he takes a quick liking to Longworth.
Longworth's golf partner, friend and colleague, (Carlos Gomez) is a forensic medical examiner who works the crime lab, supervising toxicology screens and autopsies. A family man with a high-maintenance wife and kids, Carlos just wants to be the best husband and father he can be. He isn't easily amused by Longworth's persistence and intuition when it comes to crime-solving skills, especially since he often is forced into compromising positions to try and prove one of his partner's theories.
Lab tech Daniel Green (Jordan Wall) is a 23 year-old grad student who gets an internship working for Carlos in the medical examiner's office. Daniel epitomizes the word "nerd." Nerdy or not, his expertise of all things science-related will come in handy in surprising ways for Longworth as he helps him crack cases. Daniel is thrilled to help Longworth in any way he can, especially if it means he gets to be involved with other police work that he finds cool and interesting.
Colleen Manus (is the smart and tough Regional Director for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida's state police. Her latest hire, Jim Longworth, was a bold but very calculated move. Arrests were way down in her region, and the bad press that followed drove her decision to go outside the Florida Law Enforcement family. Because of Longworth's track record and rate of closure, she gives him a lot of rope, but she has no problem yanking him back if he gets out of line - which is pretty much an everyday occurrence. She has a quick mind and an even sharper tongue, making her the perfect foil for Longworth's dry wit and self-serving humor.

Memorable Moments
Alligator bites, tromping through the swampland, flirting with beautiful ladies keep all eyes on Jim.  Foul play and homicidal investigations keep our eyes GLUED!  In Episode 3, A Perfect Storm – a hurricane sweeps through southern Florida bringing murder and mayhem along with it.  Exposed, Paparzzi get too close for comfort and the media gets tangled up in a murder that gets aired out in the open.  In the final episode, Breaking 80 – Jim’s heart is apparently in his stomach, because that lasagna he goes after looks mighty tasty.  We definitely want that secret recipe!

The Glades Season 1 DVD is loaded with exclusive special features including unaired deleted scenes, gag reel, behind-the-scenes footage, featurettes, director and cast commentaries.

I watched part of the first season on A&E but did miss some episodes so I was thrilled to be able to review the complete season.  I love all detective shows basically so it was no doubt that I love this show as well.  I am extremely excited for Season 2 to start in June.  And I have already set my DVR so I do not miss any of the episodes this season.
* I received the above listed product solely for review purposes and the above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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