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Now I have been a Nancy Drew fan since I was a kid and I used to read her books.  When my son was a little baby I started playing the computer games of Nancy Drew.  I tried to remember how I first started playing them but honestly I can not even remember. Nonetheless the computer game series quickly became my favorite series and I quickly bought up several of the first in the series.  I wish I could say I had the whole series but with three children I had to put my gaming addiction on hold and limit my Nancy Drew game purchases, not because of price (they are usually between $9.99 - $19.99 per game depending n the store) but alot because of free time.

Now lately I am trying to include more "ME" time so imagine my happiness and joy when I found out I could review one of the latest Nancy Drew computer games... Shadow at the Water's Edge.

Product Description

Traditional Japanese family ryokans (inns) are charming places, but a vengeful ghost is terrifying you and other unsuspecting guests. Is there a shadowy specter haunting the placid inn or is something far more sinister driving away business?

Now I have always loved that you can choose the level of difficulty you can play at so that several ages can play the games.  My son and I usually play together.  Now I was super excited about this game for a couple of reasons.  First I had not played a new one for a little while and  second because it takes place in Japan and I have a huge love for Japanese inspired things (Just take a look in my house).  Now this game can get alittle creepy if you are playing it late at night like I do but that made the game even more fun.  This is definitely a lot scarier than the games of the past in the series.  I jumped out of my skin one time when my daughter sneaked up behind from being in bed asleep wanting to watch a movie to go back to sleep.  It is a wonder the whole neighborhood didn't wake up from the scream I let out.  
Now this Nancy Drew is even better than the past ones I remembered and I found myself needing "clues" more than usual so either they are getting trickier or I am a little out of practice or both.  Now if you are unaware of the game features you can start over if you mess up at the same place in the game.  Trust me I love this feature and it has come in handy for me in a lot of Nancy Drew games.  I also love the addition of the cell phone instead of the traditional phone like in the others I have played.  Your cell phone can be your best friend.  I also thought the scenery and such was beautiful and fell in love with it.

Also the game has a longer game play time than some of the others which I loved.
I would easily give this game 5 stars and could go on about it for hours but knowing me I would give away spoilers and I know how much gamers hate that...LOL

Now you can currently purchase this game where PC games are sold and online at and HER Interactive.  Also at HER interactive there are forums that offer HELP and spoilers for all Nancy Drew games and also they have all the latest information bout the games and have mini games you can play online free.  Also follow HER Interactive on Twitter and Facbook for great updates and contests.  They recently had a cake contest featuring Nancy Drew games.  There were some great entries.  

* I received the above mentioned product strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.

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