Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Okay Moms of Justin Bieber fans insert your ear plugs first then tell the Bieber fans that Yes this summer they can have Justin Bieber sing to them while they brush their teeth!

Wait a few minutes and then interrupt the squealing and inform them that No, he is not coming to their house so quit calling all their friends to come over but that he has a singing toothbrush coming out.

They are two varieties of the singing toothbrush and the each feature two songs.  Yes, two different songs (one for morning and one for night brushing).  One toothbrush features Somebody to Love and Love Me.  The other toothbrush features Baby and U Smile. Now parents do not get jealous cause they also have adult toothbrushes as well for all you fans.

Also available is a non-singing kids toothbrush, floss, flossers, and  a travel kit.

 Now this products are scheduled to be available for sale this July so parents get ready.  These products are guaranteed to get the girls brushing all day and night!

Now the Justin Bieber joins the Brush Buddies line up.  You can check out all the products including other Brush Buddies and Justin Bieber line online at their website.  While there you can listen to a sample of the music for the toothbrush!  Also you can follow them on twitter and like them on facebook so you can stay up to date on the the release of the new Justin Bieber line.  Now you can pre order the line online at their website but unfortunately they will only be available at first in the US.

The great thing about these is that they are really affordable.  The singing toothbrushes start at $9.99.  You can not beat that.  My oldest daughter was so excited when I told her about them and asked if she would have one so of course I said yes!

So hurry mom ad dads and score one for your Bieber fans.  Perfect for back to school and Christmas stocking stuffers.  So get two - one for back to school and one for Christmas.  These will be sure to go fast!

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