Sunday, May 22, 2011


MY children love Cartoon Network and they love Johnny Test.  So imagine the fighting that began when I showed them the New Johnny Test DS game.  They were fighting over who would get to play it first.

Product Features

  • Multiple game modes (career, training, free play and design studio)
  • Compelling and challenging mini-games
  • Master your beauty techniques to unlock new treatments and mini-games
  • Learn how to apply make-up and create your own looks

Product Description

Rules are Meant to be Broken.Push the limits of reality as Johnny Test in this physics-bending Nintendo DS game based on the hit Cartoon Network show. When Johnny meddles with one of his genius twin sisters out-of-this-world science experiments he plunges the town of Porkbelly into chaos. Now Johnny and  his loyal pooch Dukey must break all the rules in order to save his friends in this action-packed platformer adventure! Games Features: Experience the outrageous Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure. Play as Johnny Test with all of your favorite friends and foes from the show including Johnny s egg-head sisters Gil and nefarious villains such as Bling-Bling Boy Mr. Whacko and Brain Freezer! 12 Hilarious Levels. Play through 12 mind-bending levels of non-stop adventure including side-splitting story and video game parodies. Alter-Ego Gameplay. Play as Johnny or his alter egos: Johnny X and Trooper J! Push the Limits...Speed limits time limits physical limits -- you name it with a fantastic collection of gadgets fresh from the laboratory

Now my son loved the face that you could play as Johnny's characters from the show like Johnny X.  He did wish the game lasted longer.  He finished it in a weekend but he still likes to play it even though he finished it already.  My daughters also liked it and enjoyed playing it as much as my son.  This game stays true to the show which all my kids loved.  It is definitely a good buy for fans of the show.  

You can currently purchase it at mass retailers that sell DS games and online at  

* I received the above product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

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