Tuesday, May 10, 2011


How many of you moms and dads find yourself stressed beyond compare?  If you are like me that is a quick Yeah!  I recently found a product that is designed to help destress you.

Now the past few weeks have been rough in my neighborhood and my life.  A few weeks ago several tornadoes destroyed parts of my neighborhood including my son's school.  Then shortly after that we experienced a death in the family.  And recently school started back and my son is finishing the year at a nearby school and which school he attends next year is up in the air for now.  Talk about stress and worrying alot.  Not to mention I have one kid potty training and another who will be starting school next year.  I am a ball of emotions as is most of my community for various reasons.  To say I needed to destress is an understatement.

Now I was skeptical at first that RelaxZen would be effective.  I mean I am a natural worrier and am constantly stressed out.  So when they agreed to send me some of their product to try I jumped on it.  They sent me six bottles of the Day formula and six bottles of  the Night formula.  

Now I decided to pick my most stressed out day of the week - MONDAY!  Just the word makes me cringe lol .   I tried the one bottle of the Day formula and was surprised I did seem more relaxed.  I seem to stay calmer longer which I need alot at times.  I also tried the Night formula to help calm me into sleepland.  The Night formula help me slow down and relax so I could go to sleep quicker.

After the past few weeks my community has had I wish I could give them all some RelaxZen to help them.  I definitely think these would be great for anyone in need of destressing whether it be mom or dad or a teacher or even a business exec.

You can check out RelaxZen on facebook where they are currently running a Relaxation Station giveaway featuring some really cool prizes like a Yellow Leaf chair hammock and RelaxZen products.  Also follow them on twitter for more updates.  Also don't forget to go to their website to check out all their products including Day, Night, Day Flight, Night Flight, and Sport and also where you can buy your own.  .

I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.

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