Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I recently wrote about the horrible destruction the South recently encounter with over a hundred tornadoes.  Well, I was very fortunate in the whole matter and came out untouched along with my family and most of my friends.  I have been offering donations and helping as I can.  I plan to donate more and help more later today.

Unfortunately for my some parts of the South that were devastated more bad news is coming...in the form of heavy rains.  A lot of people whose homes survived suffered major damage and heavy rains could possibly destroy all that they have left.  So today please say a small prayer that they don't lose more than they already have.

I also wanted to commend my neighborhood for standing up and helping out so much.  This is why I never moved away and why so many others have not either.  This is home and the South at its best!  So many organizations have pulled together with the help of tons of volunteers and have accomplished so much so far.  There is still a long way to go but we are definitely off to a great start!

I also wanted to state how proud of my kids I am.  In about thirty mins the other night my children gathered a huge box of toys together to donate.  I shed a tear at the thought of how big their hearts are when I have heard about grown adults not caring about the destruction (since it didn't affect them first hand) and I say to them shame on you, my three year old has more compassion than you.  It always amazes me how self centered people can be and then how selfless others can be.  I mean some volunteers have lost homes or had damage to their homes and they still took the time to help those more affected.  For that I salute you and all other volunteers, organizations, and all the rescue and law personnel who have been hard at work.  And also all the surrounding states who have reached out their help - this act of kindness will not be forgotten ever.

So as I finish the post I plan to be back to posting regularly now.  There was a delay over the weekend since my internet service kept going in and out but I believe the problem they had in my area is finally resolved.  So please check back later for giveaway winners and also more reviews and giveaway opportunities.  Also thank all my readers who have took the time to say a prayer for the South - we need every one we can get.

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