Sunday, May 29, 2011


Around my house pancakes are an anytime of the day meal or even a snack.  My whole family loves pancakes.  One day I was online looking (like I do all the time it seems. Not really since my kids keep me hopping.) when I came across what could definitely be one of the best kitchen products around...The Pancake Pen from Tovolo.

Pancake Pen is a must have for any pancake lover.  Now I know some people use a regular squirt bottle for this kind of kitchen gadget but the Pancake Pen is so much better than that.  First of all it can stand temperatures up to 600 degrees F.  Also You can take the top and bottom off for easy clean up which I love.  It is also easy to hold an grip.  It also features measurements along the side.  Here are a few pics of what you can do.

The possibilities with it are endless. Now I loved making "special" pancakes for my family with my Pancake Pen. The best part though was the fact that my family loved the messages that I created and often time sent in requests for animal and such the next time I cooked.  Also kids can use this and my kids loved helping me make "special" pancakes in the morning with me.  This would be a great addition to any kitchen and would be great to help celebrate Father's Day or a birthday by saying I Love You.  

Tovolo is a company that has a lot of bright colored and innovative kitchen gadgets including the Pancake Pen.  Trust me they are a ton of kitchen gadgets from them that I am adding to my wish list like their new STANDZ line which is tools that stand up. You can purchase the Pancake Pen and other Tovolo products online at

* i received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completley my own.


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