Monday, May 16, 2011


Recently my son celebrated his birthday with family and friends and Gogo's Crazy Bones.  No, it's not some crazy relative of ours or a party entertainer but the latest collectible toy and game sensation for kids.

Now I am sure some of you are wondering what are these hip new toys.  Well, 

These hard plastic toys are small enough to fit in your palm and in a small kids mouth so parents make sure no little kids get ahold of them.  Luckily for me no little kids attended my son's party so we didn't have to keep an eye out for that.  No my son lready had some of his own crazy bones before the party but none of the other kids had really heard of them.  Now I was kinda worried some of the girls might not like it but I was so wrong they all loved them.  In fact several have asked me repeatedly where to find them out and plan to include them in their next party.  
Basket of goodies for them

Cupcakes and gogs - They go great together.

Now the biggest HIT was the pinata.  Now this was my son's first pinata and I loaded it full of candy and of course gogos...

The kids had a blast and loved finding out which gogos they had and trading th ones they didn't like.  They also loved battling...

This game was a huge hit and I have decided to make it a regular party favor at my kids birthday parties.

* I was given the opportunity to host this party from gogo's crazy bones and Child's Play Party.  The above opinions are completely my own and completely honest.

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