Friday, May 13, 2011


Now I know most of you must think I am crazy especially those of you that are superstitious.  But I trust you I am not crazy.

Now first my favorite horror movies as a child was Friday the 13th so of course every Friday the 13th the is at least one channel that has a marathon or at least one movie of the Friday the 13th series.  But that is not the real reason as to why I love Friday the 13th.

The REAL reason is because a few years ago on a Friday evening which happened to be  the 13th I received my third blessing - my youngest babygirl!  So since then I have always considered that Friday the 13th like any day can bring good things and bad things.  Myself i got one of the greatest gifts ever on a Friday the 13th.

Of course there were issues on the day like the midwife almost being late for the delivery and every member of my family being late but she was the easiest one I delivered and that night  me, my sister, and my beautiful little girl watched Friday the 13th movies til we fell asleep.

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