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As you all know, I am currently working vigorously on losing weight and getting in better shape.  I am also on the prowl for products that can help me along my way to my "dream weight". I found another wonderful item to be included on that list.  I have found portion control bowls called "Yum Yum Dishes".  Yum Yum Dishes were created by Tracy Adler when she realized she had bad snacking habits and was passing them on to her son.  She saw small dishes at her restaurant and thus began the process that has now created Yum Yum Dishes.

I mean how many of us have gone and grabbed a bag of chips and sat down just to "snack" while watching our favorite tv show just to realize the bag is half gone or even worse completely gone.  I am guilty of the first one and finally became aware of it one day and decided I had to stop this or I would never succeed in my goal of weight loss.  Now these wonderful dishes hold 4 ounces each which is the perfect portion size for a snack ( of course that'a as long as you don't keep refilling it.)  Not only are these dishes great for weight watching women or men, they are wonderful in helping moms give kids the right portion size for snacks.

The wonderful people at Yum Yum Dishes sent me one Yum Yum dish to use for my review and I love mine.  My kids love using it too since it is as my daughter calls it " a little kid's bowl."  I have found myself not snacking as much since in order to get more I have to refill the bowl and I have to stop and think before I do that.  And every time I stop to think about it, I realize I would rather lose that pound then eat 4 more ounces.  This bowl could not have came soon enough.  I might finally be able to curb my snacking with the help of this little dish.  Here is what my dish looks like...

Now here is the same dish full with some delicious almonds. (I love almonds to snack on!)

Now I wanted to give you an idea how much that actually is in that dish so you can see that it is a good size still and more than enough for a snack.  

The wonderful people at Yum Yum Dishes didn't just stop with dishes they have went a step further and teamed with Lisa Mosley to be their spokesperson.  You may remember Lisa Mosley from The Biggest Loser.  She lost 100 pounds on the show but credits keeping the weight off with some help from Yum Yum Dishes.  

Now that is some great motivation!!!!

Currently you can sign up to get a new tip every week from Lisa about weight loss and such. I have definitely signed up for this as I need all the help I can get.  Here is one of her tips:

"We have all been there: you're on a diet and one day you eat a meal that you know you shouldn't. When this happens we seem to think that the entire day is ruined. Trust me, it is NOT! If you broke one of your dishes, would you go to the cabinet and break all of the other dishes in your kitchen? Absolutely not! Don't let that one slip up ruin everything. Simply clean up the mess, learn from the mistake, and move on!"

Such simple advice yet powerful since I know a lot of us get really discouraged when we slip up.  I mean I will beat myself up badly if I do.  But like she said learn from it and move on!  So I am encouraging all my readers to sign up for the tip today.  Each Monday you will get a new tip that will be really helpful.  You will also get updates and promotions from Yum Yum Dishes if you sign up.

Another great thing they have started is their own YouTube channel and are encouraging all users of Yum Yum Dishes to submit a video about how these dishes have helped you with your own battle.  Here is a sample video you can see there featuring Lisa...

To see more videos just click here .  Also follow them on twitter and like them on facebook for updates and valuable tips and advice.

Now these bowls are available online in a set of four online for $22.00. 


One lucky reader will have the chance to win a set of 4 Yum Yum Dishes n a giveaway starting this Friday.  Please check back this Friday for the rules and your chance to enter.

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  1. Hollie,

    Thank you for a great review and we look forward to sending a set out to one of your followers and to hear from them. When they sign up for Lisa's Tip of the Week we invite them to send us their questions for Lisa to respond to. Thank you again and good luck with your weight loss. Tracy