Thursday, March 24, 2011


Summer is fast approaching which means vacations are on their way moms just hold on a little longer...  Now I know most family vacations start with a long boring car ride full of "Are We There Yet?"  I have found something to help keep the kids entertained and help them use their imagination.  They are the cds from 6 Pence Players.  They have two available online :

"The Fairytale Collection"

 "Princess Reform School"

First let me tell you the coolest thing about these cds, All the voices of the stories are done by kids themselves from age 5-17.  Now I loved this the most about these cds.  I find my kids like things more if kids are the ones doing it like on tv shows or music or even plays.

The first cd "The Fairytale Collection" contains the following stories:

  • Three Billy Goats Gruff 9:32
  • Cinderella and Friends 11:08
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes 14:53
  • The Three Little Pigs Meet the Big Bad Wolves 8:24
  • Princess and the Pea 13:02
This cd is available online or at this list of retailers for $14.95.  You can even preview a part of it online at 6 Pence Players by using the IPod (I thought that was a great idea).

The second cd "Princess Reform School" contains 2 cds featuring one story bout princesses and dragons.  Here is their description:

 "Being born a princess is no guarantee that you know how to behave as one! However, is learning to balance your tiara or to perform the perfect curtsey the limit to the power a princess possesses? Societal expectations, pressures and the role of modern-day females are questioned by a gaggle of familiar, and brand new, fairy-tale princesses. The fantastical backdrop, complete with dragons, toads, and castles, in addition to several uniquely forward-thinking princesses, illustrates the joy and power discovered in a young girl’s self-acceptance."

This cd is available online and at this list of retailers for $16.95.  You can also preview a part of it online with the IPod.

Now I played these cds for my daughters when I was requiring them to take a break from tv and use their imagination during the day.  My girls loved the stories and loved the fact that it was kids telling it to them.  There were moments when they would get distracted by something else but the story would quickly get them back.  I loved these cds and can not wait to play them for the car rides this summer.  They help keep kids entertained with their own imagination which I always encourage with my own kids. 

These cds would also be wonderful for day cares or teachers who might be teaching the kids bout these timeless tales.  I recommend every parent invest in these cds for their kids.  They will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Also the website has puppets you can print out to act out the plays along with the stories.  Which I plan on doing as soon as I get more ink for my printer.  I thin this will help keep them focused more with the stories.  

*I received the above cds for the purpose of my review.  This opinion is completely honest and is completely mine.


The wonderful folks at 6 Pence Players has graciously allowed me to give one winner a copy of "The Fairytale Collection" and "Princess Reform School" .  Please check back this week to enter and see the rules.  You do not want to miss this giveaway.  Your kids will thank you if you win!

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