Thursday, March 24, 2011


By now you have had to realize my love for funny, witty shirts.  I can not get enough of them and so I bring another shirt review to my blog.  This website is Bad Idea Shirts.  They have shirts for everyone and yes, the even have an offensive section so beware if you go there -  it is not for the faint of heart lol.  They have $5 shirts available and they have shirts for men and women both.  Here are some of the funny shirts that caught my eye:

Every Star Wars fan would love this shirt

This is for that person you know that applied to be his intern!

There are several more funny tees to browse through at their site.  All of their shirts are American Apparel which means they are soft cotton and high quality.

The kind folks at Bad Idea Shirts sent me a tank top to review...

Now I love this shirt and when I am having a bad day this is exactly how I feel towards some people.  My only complaint is it is tight in the chest area but I have that problem with alot of clothes but it is soft and the lettering has not peeled after I washed it so far.

Now I had hoped to do a giveaway for my followers but the wonderful folks at Bad Idea Shirts already do giveaways for their shirts on their facebook page so to win one of these funny shirts just like them.

* I received the above shirt solely for the purpose to review for my blog.  This is my opinion and it is completely honest.

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