Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Clairol has just came out with a new hair dye that is foam.  Recently they gave away thousands of coupons good for a free bottle of it.  I was lucky enough to receive one.  I used my coupon last week at my neighborhood wal-mart and grabbed Dark Reddish Brown.

Okay before I tried the product I was a little skeptical.  Mainly cause I was worried since it was foam that it wouldn't cover good and I would have spotted hair.  This has happened to me before and it is not pretty!

The product is overall less messy than regular hair dye.  It does nt run like the liquid kind does.  Of course you still need to be careful not to get it on your skin like I did cause it takes a good washing to get it off.  Also it can still make a mess even if the foam looks white and it gets on something. Again this is the same with regular hair dye.  I did find the foam not to smell as strong as the regular and to cover evenly.  And after I rinsed out I was happy to see that I was not spotted and it covered really nicely.  Also I have long thick hair and have even had to use two bottles of dye before for my hair and I only used one with this product.  Definitely a plus.  Overall the product is great.  It is a little higher in price than some but still cheaper than others.  So far I have seen the price vary from $8 to $10 at two different stores.   They also have several different shades to choose from for all people.  So if you dye your own hair check out this wonderful new product.

*I received a coupon for a free product via a giveaway on facebook.  The opinions are mine and honest.


  1. I was wondering how well this product worked, because my hair is extremely thick also!

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  6. I used that a couple of weeks ago! I loved it!
    It didn't dry out my ends and the color was great!
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