Sunday, March 6, 2011


I recently was given the wonderful opportunity to review a few products from bodycology.  I have used some of their products along time ago (well, not that long ago but a year or two ago).  I was excited none the less since I love body washes, lotions, mists, and butters.  I just can not get enough as I am sure most of women can not either.  I was so pleased by the products I received:

The products are Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Mist and the NEW Hydrating Body Wash.  

Okay first lets talk bout the NEW Hydrating body wash.  This body wash has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E infused in it to help keep your skin perfectly hydrated and looking (and feeling) its best. First thing I noticed about the body wash was the design.  It has a flip top that is located on the bottom.  Bodycology designed the bottle this way to help out us women so that we can use one hand to open while holding our razor or pouf.  It is also designed this way so that not a single drop is wasted.  Pretty smart thinking.  I absolutely hate when I can not get out the last little bit of a product.  The next thing I noticed was the smell of it.  It was just a simple clean smell that I absolutely loved.  This body wash is made for a woman but the smell is not perfumey so my fiancee could use it if he had to.  I think this is wonderful.  It is a product that both sexes could use to help save the family money. The best thing I noticed of all was how soft my skin felt after I used it.  I tried it in the shower and didn't tell my fiancee and he was complimenting me on how smooth my skin was.  I told him finally it was new body wash and he said that he would make sure I never ran  The body wash is available in 2 other types: Nourishing with Soy Milk and Shea Butter and Skin softening with Silk Extracts and Avocado Oil.  They retail for $4.99 (WHAT A STEAL!) You can currently find them now at Walgreens and HEB nationally.  I personally can not wait to try the other two types out especially the Nourishing.  

The next product I received was the body mist in Brown Sugar Vanilla.  Now I did not tell the people at Bodycology what fragrances I loved or anything but this is definitely one of my favorites in any body care products series.  I was so excited to see this bottle in the box.  I immediately had to spray it on me and my two daughters.  We all loved it.  The smell is subtle yet strong enough to receive compliments.  It is guaranteed to make anyone stop and sniff again.  lol   I am so pleased by this product and use it regularly.

So it had been awhile since I had used Bodycology products before this review, but I can tell you it won't be awhile before I am out buying more of their products.  A must buy for any woman who loves to smell or feel like a million bucks for only a few bucks!  Which nowadays you can not go wrong!

*i received the above products for my review.  The opinions are mine and are completely honest.


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