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My children are huge fans of music (they get it honestly since I love music).  So I am constantly looking for new kid music to encourage their love of music and dance. I recently was introduced to the Shushies from Shushybye Kingdom.  Now I had never heard of them before this and am actually quite surprised that I have not.  From their website they seem like a perfect fit for most little kids.

Now I am sure you are asking what is a Shushie.  Well, Shushies are residents of Shushybye which is the land where kids dreams come from.  How neat is that!  I really love the back story to share with my kids as much as the music.  All kids have to do is share teir Dream Wishes with a star and it is sent to Shushybye and then the Shushies box it up and send it back to the kids to dream about.

Now there are a few  main characters from Shushybye that  take part in all this magical activity.

dozie menu Meet the Shushies

Now Dozie is a smart Shushie with great ideas and a secret crush on Snoozles and loves to dance.She gives kids the sweetest dreams.

zeez menu Meet the Shushies

Zeez is a good friend who loves to sleep himself and makes creative dreams.  He likes to refer to everyone as "dude."

snoozles menu Meet the Shushies

Snoozles is the  King's Official Helper.  He has a special Dream Wand that allows him to visit children and even bring them and their parents to Shushybye Kingdom.  

snortwheez menu Meet the Shushies

Snort and Wheez are a comical pair of Shushies that drive an old Dream Van to collect Dream Boxes to be taken to Captain Yawn for delivery to the kids.  Unfortunately for them their van is constantly breaking down.

king menu Meet the Shushies

Shushybye King rules the Kingdom.  He resides in the Shushybye Palace in Nap Valley.  His home may look small but is very grand on the inside.

conductor menu Meet the Shushies

Conductor Mc Cloud is a respected Shushie that delivers ream Boxes to the kids with his train.

Now Dozie, Zeez, and Snoozles make up the band .  The band has a few cds out and there is even a plush toy line of them.  Which is absolutely adorable, my daughter had a fit over them when I showed her the website.  Now I was lucky enough to be able to review their newest cd, Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition.  

Product Description

Featuring 16 original Shushybye songs performed by Michael North and The Shushybye Dream Band, everyone is singing about Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition!  Listen to many of the most popular Shushy hits plus four never-before-released favorites!

The cd has a mixture of upbeat tempo songs and lullabies.  No I played this cd for my daughters before bed several nights to see how they would do. They danced to the fast songs and sung the slower songs which I noticed help them to unwind so they could get to bed easier.  The music is very cute and perfect for younger kids.  I really enjoyed the lullabies since they were calm and peaceful and helped calm my daughters.  SInce the girls have ahd a chance to play the cd, now all I hear is I want to play the Shushybye Goodnight cd.  This cd is perfect for parent s who have been trying to find something to relax their kids before bed or naptime.  

This cd along with other cds, books, plush toys, and dvds are currently available online.  The price of this cd is $8.99.  The price for the other cds varies but is about the same price.  You ca even listen to some of their music own their website or the voices of the characters.  They even have pajamas so your kid can really have Sweet Dreams.


Now the wonderful people who sent me my cd has been generous enough to give one of my lucky readers their very own Shushybye and Goodnight Deluxe Edition cd.  Please check back later this week for the rules and to enter this giveaway.

* I received the above product solely for the purpose of my review.  This review is completely honest and is completely my own opinion.

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