Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SENDaBALL review

Every kid I know loves to get something in the mail especially my kids. So imagine their excitement when they went to the mailbox and found a ball. Yes I said a ball (fully inflated in no box or wrapping). My kids loved it. SENDaBALL is what I am talking bout. They ship fully inflated balls out via the postal service. According to their website they hardly have any balls deflated but if they are then the postal company knows to send it back to them and they ship out another one. It takes usually 4 - 9 days regular mail to get it ( It took us the full 9 days). You can get the balls for birthdays and ball-ated birthdays and to say sorry and for any occasion basically. The company was designed by two sisters from Chicago who were already sending balls to friends and family and then decided to make it a business. Talk bout having a BALL with your job! ( I know it was a bad pun but I couldn't resist). The balls cost $16 plus shipping. They do ship to Canada and internationally.  Here is the ball we received:

The ball is very durable.  I can see how very little of them are popped.  Also the ladies from SENDaBALL are awesome to work with.  They were quick to respond to my email and even followed up to make sure I received my ball.  This is definitely going to be something I do in the future.  Kids will love this because it combines mail and a toy.  It is a double win for parents also.  I recommend everyone to check out their site and get started having a ball!

Visit them and check out their balls:  https://secure.sendaball.com/start

*I received a SENDaBALL to review for my blog only. The opinions are completely mine and honest.


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