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So how many of us made New Year's Resolutions?  I personally did like I do every year.  Of course most of the time I slip and that's it for my resolution.  Well, this year I decided even if I slipped back a little I would get back on track and keep trying.  This year I vowed to make improvements to my lifestyle like eat healthier, exercise more, be more organized, create more family time, and go "green" more.

So I have done really good on some of these and am struggling on some.  My family and I have recently started recycling to help save the environment and I have been researching "green" products.  I recently found a great website that is all about "Being Green" and helping the environment.  Conserving Now is a wonderful website dedicated to helping stop the use of plastic grocery bags by recommending and selling affordable reusable totes.  They also have valuable information available for teachers and parents to help them educate our future leaders of tomorrow.

Now I live in the country on a farm and I can tell you there is nothing more beautiful than sitting outside on a warm spring day on the farm watching my kids play.  I for one have taken their pledge to reduce my usage of plastic bags and have vowed to start using reusable bags since I want my kids to be able to sit outside on the farm and watch their kids play like all my family has done in the past.  Now this is a small step for one person to take but a large one if every person takes it.  So I am asking all my readers to take the pledge with me.

Now I told you earlier they also were selling reusable tote bags that you can use for everything like groceries or even as a diaper bag for new moms.  Now they have simple organic cotton market ones and also the very popular Envirosax designer bags which come in an assortment of styles for people to use instead of those boring, un-environmentally friendly plastic bags. Now the big hearted folks at Conserving Now were so generous to send me a bag of my choice.  Now let me tell you they have some really pretty bags.  Here are a few I had to choose from:

They also now have 5 in 1 pouches too.
(It contains all 5 bags in a cute little pouch.)

They also have minisax and kid bags available:


And they have Slingsax too...

I told you they had tons of bags to choose from.  They also have the plain organic cotton bags for a clean simple look.

Now I hard a time choosing a bag but finally went with one that features one of my favorite blooms:  
The Cherry Blossom

Is this bag not beautiful?!

Now in this picture you can not see the size of this bag so I took one at home to hopefully show you how large they really are.

It takes up the whole seat of one of our recliners!

I love my Envirosax bag and would love to have a smaller size one in this design for a purse.  I love the print this much.  I also love the fact that it can be rolled up to store easily in your purse or even a diaper bag taking up hardly any space.  I would love to have a whole collection of them for myself and am planning on getting some for gifts this year.

Now these bags vary in size and price with prices starting at $5.99 for the organic cotton tote and $7.99 for the basic Envirosax designer bags.  The minisax start at $4.99 and slingsax starting at $13.99.  needless to say but they have a bag in every size and every price range so basically a bag for everyone!  And after seeing all these beautiful bag how could you really ever go back to a boring unsafe plastic bag.  

No I know what you are saying I would love to use reusable bags but I forget them all the time until I get in the store and then remember them.  Well, I was the same way but Conserving Now has even thought of a solution to this problem too.  They currently have a window cling for your car to remind you to take your reusable bags with you. They have two designs for you to choose from:

Now all you have to do is place the window cling on your car in a place that you will see it when you get in and out of your car to help remind you to BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag!  Now tell me this company has not thought of everything.  So go sign up for your free window static cling.


Now the amazing folks at Conserving Now have offered one of my readers the chance to receive an ENVIROSAX tote bag of their choice.  Please check back later this week to see teh rules and for your chance to enter.

* I received the above product solely for the purpose of my review.  I received no other compensation and this opinion is completely mine and completely honest.

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