Wednesday, March 16, 2011


One of the things that I love the most about being a mom of three wonderful blessings is that they have all inherited my crafty nature. So my family absolutely loves to build and create various projects.  I was so excited when I came across the line of products at Red Toolbox.  Red Toolbox offers wood craft kits to be assembled by your mini-carpenter (with some parental assistance of course).  They also have real tools that are scaled down for their size.  They have several different wood kits for different skill levels.  These kits range from bird feeder to catapult to toolbox to mini golf course (No, I am not kidding.  Mini Golf Course).  The generous folks at Red Toolbox sent my crafty children and I a very nice tool set and the bird feeder kit.  

First I was pleasantly impressed by the nice tool set they sent us.  It has basically every essential tool needed by a mini-carpenter.  Also these are real tools not those plastic ones that others send you.  Next he kit contained all the wood and screws needed to complete it.  The wood is already pre-cut to size to make the bird feeder.  The instructions are simple to follow and the bird feeder was easy to build that my youngest (who is three) helped out.

 The bird feeder turned out wonderfully.

We placed our finished bird feeder to where I can see it while I wash dishes and also so that our cats can watch the birds from their window. 

These products are wonderful for bonding between adults and children.  It is sure to provide a lasting memory for both adults and children and a beautiful keepsake to go with it.

Since we have received our tools and kit, we have visited our local Lowes and purchased the catapult kit.  We have not had time to assemble it yet but I will definitely be posting pictures when we do.  Maybe during Spring Break!

Red Toolbox products are available at Lowes hardware stores and vary in price depending on the product.

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