Monday, March 7, 2011


Anyone who really knows me knows I love unusual beautiful things and boy did I find one.  I visited the website Himalayan Salt Shop and was mesmerized by their beautiful and unusual products.  Now before visiting this site I had never heard of a salt lamp.  So I had to read up on their site about them.

 The salt lamps are made of natural crystal salt found underground in salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The crystal salt is millions of years old (I think its cool to have something that old in my house).  How the salt lamp works is fairly easy.  The heat from either a bulb or candle  cause the salt to release negative ions that bond with pollutants or positive ions in the air.  This bonding causes the pollutants to fall to the ground thus purifying the air.  The salt lamps also help with electro-smog caused by electronics around your house.  (My house must be filled with electro-smog, we cave so many electronics). Some accounts are that the salt lamps even help with symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other illnesses.

So since everyone in my family suffers from allergies and two suffer from breathing issues like asthma, I wanted to review this product just to see if it would help us all out.  I was thrilled when the wonderful people at the Himalayan Salt Shop said they would send me one to review.  I was so excited to open my package and see my beautiful lamp.  Now this box seemed so heavy when i picked it up.  The lamp was safely wrapped and came with everything you need to start enjoying it including the bulb.  The crystal salt is attached to a wooden base and is drilled out in the middle so you can insert teh small bulb into.  I found the lamp beautiful before I even plugged it in and was even more pleased when I plugged it in.

Just look how beautiful this lamp is glowing on my nightstand!

Since we have had this lamp plugged up in our house, no one has had any breathing troubles so far.  I am anxiously waiting for spring to fully get here in the south and see if our no breathing issues stays in effect.  I would definitely recommend everyone goes over to the Himalayan Salt Shop and check out their amazing products especially the lamps and salt bowls.  They also have a bath and body section.  I also loved the horse salt lamp (my two daughters would go crazy for this).  I personally am considering the 4 pack of their candle holders.  Right now would be a great time to visit them as they have a big sale going on on alot of their products.  This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything cause I am sure they don't have a salt lamp. Also be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter for updates and possible promotions.

*I received the above product for my review.  The review is completely my own opinion and is completely honest.


  1. The lamp sounds wonderful. I suffer with hayfever and being a farmer it can get pretty annoying! Something like this would most definitely ease the symptoms.

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    CJ xx

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