Monday, March 21, 2011


by Jennifer Fosberry
pictures by Mike Litwin

"My Name is not Alexander" is a book about a little boy who wakes up one day and spends the day pretending to be some of the famous men of the past including Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Chief Joseph, Fred Astaire, and Jackie Robinson.  He also pretends to be one of his own heroes, his daddy.  At the end he finally becomes Alexander again.  

I loved this book and so did my children.  My daughters loved the illustrations which I did too.  They were beautifully drawn and very engaging for my children.  My daughter really loved Theodore riding the back of a dog.  I also loved how the author managed to slip in tidbits of knowledge for kids to soak in.  They do not realize that while they are enjoying this fun book that they are also learning too.  But what I loved most was how the child also imitated his own dad as a brilliant man and someone to look up to.  I also liked when he went back to being himself  because I think it is important that kids realize they just need to be themselves.  Kids should have imaginations and pretend but they should also know that they are great and grand like Alexander.  

Since reading the book, my children pretend to be alot of things including mommy.  They already played pretend but Alexander brought it out even more.  And for that I am thankful that they can realize the sky is the limit.

This wonderful book is a must for any parent to get for their kid.  It is available where most books are sold and available online at

* I received the above book to review.  The review is completely my own and is completely honest.


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