Friday, March 18, 2011


I am constantly trying to find topics or products that will interest my followers and also help you all.  I have been brainstorming lately and have come up with a few ideas that I hope to get started in the next week or two.

First being a weekly post bout exercise, weight loss advice, books, and/or products.  I have already shared with you all bout my struggle with weight in an earlier post and now I am doing something bout it.  I am planning on giving a weekly update bout my progress along with products or advice that is helping me.  I would also love to have feedback bout my suggestions and progress as well as advice from you all bout what has worked or not worked for you all.  I need all the help I can get and I know alot of women like me too.

Another idea I have been working with is to start showing a shop or product on Etsy each week.  Etsy is a wonderful website with tons of talented artists and beautiful products.  I think that the artists and products deserve to be acknowledged for it.  So my goal is to showcase Etsy one day a week.  So if you own  an Etsy shop and would like to be included in this please contact me.  I would love to include you.

My final idea right now is to start reviewing games for Family Game Night.  I am a huge supporter of this.  I think everyone should be as well.  I am hoping to post one game a week that I think every family should check out and add to their game collection.  Now the games can be board games, card games, video games, and so on.  If anyone has a game they would like me to review for them please contact me and I would love to do so.

Also I want to better inform and even entertain you so please let me know what ideas you like or any ideas you might have bout my blog or posts.  I welcome any ideas.  So please check back regularly as I start the new changes and leave me some feedback about what works and does not work.  Thanks

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