Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Band That Played On
by Steve Turner

It was one of the most tragic events.  An unsinkable ship sunk by an iceberg.  I can remember being a teenager when the movie "Titanic" came out and just having to see it.  Partly for Leo but partly for the story of such an amazing ship.  I can remember from the movie the musicians who climbed onto the deck to play as the passengers scrambled for their lives.  Just the thought of this still gives me goose bumps and a limp in my throat.  I have often wondered bout the brave men who just played while they knew the ship was sinking.  How brave they were to do such a thing.  Finally a book has been written to let everyone know who these men were.  

The book starts off recounting the events that happened that final night on the Titanic.  They are tons of historical facts in the book and this would truly be the book to give a Titanic fan.  Each musician is given a chapter in the book telling bout his life from beginning to end.  It was very interesting to finally learn bout 8 men who definitely deserved a place in history for their brave act. This is definitely a book for a history buff or for a Titanic fan's collection.  The book is very interesting and I learned alot from it.

* I  received this book to review as part of the BOOKSNEEZE blogging program.  The opinion is completely mine and is completely honest.

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