Friday, March 25, 2011


Okay so I told you recently that I was going to start trying to show you the wonderful shops that can be found online at Etsy.  Now my first shop to show features any different styles of leg warmers for llittle and big girls.  This wonderful shop is Posh Pipsqueaks.

Posh Pipsqueak is located in Chicago, IL and the designer of the site is a very wonderful woman  who is a mother of twins and thus why she started making this beautiful leg warmers.  Along with an Etsy shop she also has her very own website Posh Pipsqueaks that she sells her leg warmers on.  But she doesn't just sell leg warmers, she also sells arm warmers, fuzzy leg warmers, and fuzzy onzee sets.  Her leg warmers come in two sizes :  one for baby to 2T and another for older kids to some adults.  Here are just a sample of some she has to offer:

Now the wonderful designer behind these beautiful warmers and such graciously sent my daughters and me a pair to review.  She even let me choose which pair I got.  Now I had a huge dilemma in deciding since there were so many great ones to choose form but I finally decided on a pair that would match one of my oldest daughters shirts.

I absolutely loved the design of these leg warmers.  I did get the Big Kids Posh Legs since my daughter is 5 and they fit her just fine.  They still have plenty of length for her which I loved since it meant she could be able to wear these for years to come.  Also even with the extra length these warmers did not sag or droop which was pleasant to see.  Now here is why I love these warmers the most :  Where I live it is constantly cold n the morning and then gets really hot in the afternoon.  With these warmers your daughter can wear her favorite skirt to school and wear these under it to stay warm in the morning and she has the freedom to remove them easily if she gets hot.  I just love this.

Now the Big Kid Posh Legs start at $9.95 and the Posh Legs start at $7.95.  Both of these sizes are available online at Posh Pipsqueak and at the Etsy store.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for my review.  This review is my own personal opinion and is completely honest.


Posh Pipsqueak has generously offered my readers a chance to win one Posh Legs or Big Kid Posh leg warmer of their choice.  (Retailed up to $9.95.)

Please keep an eye up for this review and enter once it is posted.  Trust me you will love these for your daughters.

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