Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So yesterday I about pulled out my hair.  I had so much to post yesterday.  A couple of reviews, upcoming ideas, and just randomness from me, but my internet connection decided to get interrupted for the whole day allowing me to not get any of that done.  I have dsl and apparently my cord kept getting caught on something and ripping. Luckily for me my fiancée is a whiz of a handyman and was able to get me back up and running late last night.  I have seriously considered going wireless but am not sure if it would work any better. I do not know much about it.  So I would love any help or info from my readers bout this.  I have also considered getting me a laptop ( I know I sound like I am from  a different era not having one but I have a really nice desktop that is not cheap or outdated).  So I would love some input on dsl vs wireless and laptop vs desktop.  Please help me out !

Also all day long I plan on posting my reviews from yesterday and the ones form today.  Luckily for me I handwrite my reviews before I post them to my blog.  I like to jot down my thoughts and plan of approach.  I am a writer at heart lol

So please check back regularly so that you don't miss a review or any of my other posts.  Thanks for being patient with me.

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